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About Us

We are a nonprofit organization. Our cause is purely social welfare. Our sole purpose is to promote safe tourism in Swat and to benefit both the tourists and the indigent people of Swat.

We connect tourists to the local people and their culture & traditions by providing them with the correct information. We aim to make your trip to swat more informative, convenient, and safe.

There is a large number of financially needy people in Swat entirely dependent on agriculture and tourism. These people are very hard-working with a positive mindset. Unfortunately, they have a lack of opportunities in the area. A little help from us can make a considerable difference in their lives.

Our Initiative

We have taken this initiative to bring tourism to Swat to improve the life quality of its residents. The welfare of the young children can dramatically improve if their parents can earn reasonable sufficient income through tourism.

What we do

We Market Swat Valley to all parts of the world to attract visitors. We provide information and inspiration to potential visitors and help them get the best out of their trip to Swat.

We focus on quality assurance for visitors and provide appropriate advice to our industry partners to help the industry meet – and strive to exceed – visitors’ expectations.

Thanks a million you for your attention and help.

Best regards,
Nasir Hussain and Adan Hussain.


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