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Best Time to Visit Pakistan

The best time to visit Pakistan is in spring (late March to early May) and autumn (late September to early November), when it’s comparatively not too warm and is mostly pleasant. This period, therefore, is called a “High Season” in Pakistan attracting tourists other visitors from all over the world.

The Best Time to Visit Pakistan.

The Best Time to Visit Pakistan.

Avoid visiting the central and south of Pakistan (i.e. Punjab & Sindh) in summer as you may encounter severe hot weather (heatwave up to 47 °C /117 °F). On the other hand, visiting the Northern Areas of Pakistan in the winter may trigger warnings of extreme colder weather (-15°/ 5°F) and snowfall.

However, considering the diverse and large landscape of the country 881,913 km2 (340,509 sq mi) that creates various climate zones at a given time of the year, Pakistan can be visited any time 365 days of the year.

The high temperature in summer is experienced in certain central and southern parts of the country, yet these areas are perfectly fit for a visit during winter and the high season.

Despite cold weather and snowfall in the winter season (December to February) in the Northern areas of Pakistan, this time can also be enjoyable to visit. The North of Pakistan generally attracts tourists for skiing and other winter sports activities in winter.

Besides this, the North of Pakistan is an all-time favorite place among the tourists because of its pleasant weather (25°C / 77°F) in summer and its breathtaking scenic views. Considering the lows and highs of 365 days of the year in Pakistan, the North by far offers the most suitable times to visit Pakistan.

Although some attractions close in mountainous areas and in the north, where there’s likely to be snow, the main cities remain fully open and will be quieter for sightseeing.

Visting Pakistan in Summer

Summer in Pakistan is the warmest and also the longest season, which approaches the plains areas usually with the beginning of May and stays here generally until the middle of July. The temperature stays very high all this period, it is hot enough even at night.

The mean temperature during June is 38 °C (100 °F) in the plains, the highest temperatures can exceed 47 °C (117 °F). In contrast to the hot weather in central and southern parts of Pakistan, the northern areas of Pakistan stay cold with an average temperature of 20°C (68°F) in summer. The favorable weather and the spectacular landscape together provide a perfect spot to visit the north of Pakistan in summer.

Visting Pakistan in Winter

Winter in Pakistan occurs from December to February. The year’s coldest months are December and January when temperatures average around 10 – 15 °C (50 – 59 °F) in the northwest; temperatures rise as one proceeds towards the equator, peaking around 20 – 25 °C (68 – 77 °F) in mainland Pakistan’s southeast.

Visting Pakistan in Autumn/ Fall

Autumn in Pakistan occurs from September to October and brings stunning warm shades of yellow and orange to nature. This season brings the gradual start of the cold weather when colorful leaves fall off the treas.

Autumn / Fall in Pakistan is generally considered a visiting season as most parties and weddings countrywide take place during this time. Fall is a very soft and nice period and is the best time to see the country all around. Temperature increases day by day and in October it’s usually about +27 °C (81 °F), in November +20 °C (68 °F).

Visting Pakistan in Spring

The duration of spring in Pakistan is from February to April. The weather in spring is moderate neither too hot nor too cold. The chillness of the earth gains the warmth of the sun. During spring, there is greenery everywhere; the plants start growing and blooming beautiful flowers and bearing fruits.

Duration of light full days increases so it’s warmer and warmer day by day. Generally, in March it’s nearly +20 °C (68 °F), in the middle of April temperature already is nearly +30 °C (86 °F) Heavy lack of precipitation is observed during whole this period.

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