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Gabin Jabba

Gabin Jabba means the “Honey Marshes” is located 59km (37miles) from Mingora in Swat Valley. At the elevation of 2582m (8471ft), Gabin Jabba can be reached in Approx. 1 h 46 min of travel from Mingora city and in around 5 hrs at a distance of 389 km (241 miles) from Islamabad in Pakistan.Gabin Jabba Swat Valley

How to Get to Gabin Jabba from Mingora?

To get to Mingora in swat use the Swat Motorway, the to get to Gabin Jabba from Mingora city you have two route options:

Follow N-95 (Bahrain Rd) through Manglor and Khwazakhela to Bagh Dehri Rd (1 h 10 min / 39.1 km) then Take Bagh Deri Road to Lalkoo Rd (50 min / 21.2 km) to get to Gabin Jabba.

Alternatively, flow the route through Kanju across the swat river. Take Airport Rd to Bagh Deri Road (1 h 15 min / 41.3 km) then Continue on Bagh Deri Road. Drive to Lalkoo Rd (43 min 17.7 km) to reach to Gabin Jabba.

Both routes have the same approximate distance yet traffic congestion on the primary route to Gabin Jabba is much higher than the alternative route. Having said that, you may experience delays due to traffic congestion on both routes when you are visiting swat in the high tourist season.

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