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Mingora is the central business hub and the largest Bazar/ Market of the Swat Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. Mingora hosts a population of 331,091 (.33 million), according to the 2017 census, the city stands as the 3rd largest city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 26th largest city in Pakistan.

Mingora and Saidu Sharif are twin cities of Swat adjacent to each other on 2.6 km (1.6 miles) distance.


Swat is known as a truly stunning tourist destination located at an average altitude of 980 m (3,220 ft) in the northwest mountains of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan….

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Swat Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit

Our list of famous tourist attractions in swat and a summary of the best places to visit in swat is the all-time favorite of tourists from across the world who…

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Swat Travel Advice – Swat Safety & Security

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Hotels in Swat

Most hotels in swat are near the best tourist attractions in swat or they are on drivable distance form from the places of tourists’ intrust. Whether you choose a luxury or…

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Swat Map

Find your way around with a Swat sightseeing map. Find attractions, museums, restaurants, and top sights on this tourist map of Swat. Whether you’re looking for directions in the Swat…

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