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Places to Visit in Pakistan [Summer & Winter]

The best places to visit in Pakistan surely offer more than sightseeing, this includes unique tourist attractions famous for it’s rich historical and cultural heritage. These incredible tourist attractions in Pakistan also includes traveling sites famous for recreational activities both in summer and winter. Pakistan spans across the area of 881,913 square kilometers (340,508 square miles) covering a diverse landscape, contrast geography, and multiethnic/ multicultural societies thus Pakistan is home to the world’s tourist attractions and places to visit.

Pakistan Travel Advice [Summary of Gov Advisory]

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Places to Visit in Pakistan

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What Things To See and Do in Pakistan?

Pakistan is an amazing tourist destination offering visitors a huge variety of attractions and activities for all tastes and ages. If you prefer mountains to seascapes, you can add visiting the beautiful K2 or Nanga Parbat to your do list or simply you can visit the northern areas of Pakistan to get closer to nature or enjoy winter sports. You can also see some of the highlights by taking a scenic drive along the coastal lines of Pakistan.

The Best Places to Go in Pakistan?

For many travelers, Pakistan is both a dream destination and a once-in-a-lifetime place to visit. For others, Pakistan is perhaps the most mysterious place on the earth and for that reason, they also really want to explore the hidden facts about Pakistan. If you’re planning your first trip to Pakistan, or if you’re planning a return trip to see more of this beautiful and wild country, you may want to know which places in Pakistan are at the top of the must-see list. Here are our picks for the 10 best places to go in Pakistan.

1. The North of Pakistan

2. Swat Valley Pakistan

3. Kalam Valley Pakistan

4. Chitral Valley Pakistan

5. Kalash Valley Pakistan

6. Kumrat Valley Pakistan

7. Chitral Valley Pakistan

8. Hunza Valley Pakistan

9. Kaghan Valley Pakistan

10. K2 Pakistan

Famous Cities to Visiting Pakistan

1. Islamabad City, Pakistan

2. Peshawar City, Pakistan

3. Lahore City, Pakistan

4. Quetta City, Pakistan

5. Karachi City, Pakistan

Why More Tourists are Recently Visiting Pakistan?

Recently Tourism in Pakistan has gained great traction when especially the international newsagents, bloggers, and vloggers are flooding into the country and visiting its top places and giving coverage to its most beautiful attractions. And whey not? when Pakistan surprisingly has its beautiful long stretch of land consist of the diverse landscapes of places ranging from the snow-capped mountain in the north, desert in the middle, and crystal clear beaches in the south.

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