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1122 Swat Rescue & Emergency Services

In Swat 1122 is a rescue and common emergency telephone number that can be dialed free of charge from most mobile telephones and landlines to reach emergency services. Swat 1122 is part of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Rescue that provides combine emergency services i.e. ambulance, fire rescue, and swat police callout under a single contact telephone number in Swat.

What Does Swat Rescue 1122 Emergency Services Help in?

The purpose of Swat Rescue 1122 is to provide timely emergency care by providing quality emergency services as per international standards.

Rescue and emergency services in swat contribute towards the establishment of socially responsible community emergency response teams through awareness, enrollment, training & organizing volunteers for emergency preparedness, response & prevention.

Swat emergency services also undertake research to recommend evidence-based measures to related organizations for the prevention of emergencies.

Some of the situations that Swat Rescue 1122 Emergency Services response on a daily basis are:

Road Traffic Accidents
Medical Emergencies
Fire Emergencies
Crime Incidents
Building Collapse
Patient Rescued

Emergency Services Academy

The Emergency Services Academy, the first training institute of its kind in Pakistan, has been established as a centre for imparting emergency medical training, fire fighting, collapsed structure search & rescue, high angle & confined space rescue, water rescue, and other emergency management skills. The Academy has been established in vacant Government premises and the construction of a purpose-built campus is underway. It consists of a Training Manikins lab, Rescue Simulation Building, Hazmat Incident Training, Urban Search, and Rescue Simulator.

Emergency management training uses a variety of incident scenarios that have been simulated for hands-on training for the personnel of Emergency Services. Fires, building collapse, hazardous material incidents, and emergencies involving mass casualties are created routinely whilst standards of safety are maintained at all levels. Training material developed by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Rescue and Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) in collaboration with Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) supports practical training.

The Academy is in the process of obtaining international accreditation. Bilateral collaboration between PES and emergency services of the United Kingdom has trained emergency officers in the UK. Moreover, Rescue 1122 is now also training Pakistan Army’s, Medical Corp.


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