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Swat History

The history of swat for its very first human habitation (before 1st millennium BC) is obscure yet, there is plenty of evidence that takes swat 2,300 years back in history to 327 BC era. In its relatively recent history, swat valley was inhabited by Buddhists during the 2nd century BC.

Timeline of Swat History

Here is the timeline summary of the swat history.

From Prehistoric Times to Alexander the Great Era

The Buddhist Period

The Evidence of the Chinese Pilgrims

The Days of Hephthalites, or White Huns Period

The Time of Turk Shahis (Tou-kiue)

The Period of The Kingdom of Tibet

The Span of The Hindu Shahiya

The Ghaznavids Period

The Era of The Gurids

The Mongol Period

The Span of Babur and the Mughal Empire 

The Yousafzai State of Swat

Merger with Pakistan and Current Period


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