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Swat Motorway – Swat Expressway

Swat Motorway also called Swat Expressway is a high-speed route of approximately 160 kilometers (90 Miles), starting from Kernal Sher Khan Interchange on M1 Motorway and terminates in the vicinity of the Chakdara bridge on National Highway N-45 at the far south of Swat. This recent addition to the Swat Valley road infrastructure is, in fact, a dual carriageway which officially is now referred to as Swat Expressway.motorway to swat

Interchanges / Junctions on Swat Expressway 

There are a total of 7 interchanges / Junctions on Swat Motorway. The south end of the Swat expressway starts from Nowshera and terminates at Chakdara in the north end which is adjusted souther part of Swat. Swat Motorway has seven interchanges starting from the Karnal Sher Khan Interchange to Dhobian, Ismaila, Bakshalay, Katlang, Palai, and Chakdara.

Swat Motorway Tunnels and Bridges

The Swat Motorway passing through 21 bridges and 1300 meters of twin tunnels near Swat Valley.

Swat Motorway an Alternative Fast Route to Swat Valley

The Swat Motorway provides highway speed, an alternate route for District Swat, Upper and Lower Dir, Chitral and other remote areas within the Malakand and Bajour Agency promoting interconnectivity with developed regions of the country.

Swat Expressway has greatly reduced congestions and road accidents on the existing National Highway N-45 that passes through built-up towns of Rashakai, Mardan, Takhtbai, Shergah, Sakhakot, Dargai, and Batkhela.

Reduction in Travel time from Swat to Islamabad

The distance between swat and Islamabad is around 247 Km (153 Miles) which thanks to swiftly Swat Motorway has reduced the traveling to roughly 3 hours.

Benefits of Swat Motorway

The people of Malakand, Dir Upper, Dir Lower, Chitral, Shangla, Mardan and Swat districts would largely benefit from Swat Motorway.

Tourism being the main sector of attention of the Govt has been immensely promoted in Swat Valley and other parts of the Malakand division after the construction of Swat Motorway. The fruits, horticulture, agriculture, woolen sectors and other trade depending on the motorway transportation has upward boosted.

Is it really a Swat Motorway or Swat Expressway?

As nouns the difference between motorway and expressway is that motorway is (British, Ireland, New Zealand, parts of Australia) a broad highway designed for high-speed traffic, having restrictions on the vehicle types permitted and merging lanes instead of cross-traffic; in parts of the United States and other places called freeway while expressway is a divided highway where intersections and direct access to adjacent properties have been eliminated.

List of Other Motorways in Pakistan

Motorway M-1From Peshawar to Islamabad155 Km
Motorway M-2From Lahore to Islamabad334 Km
Motorway M-3From Lahore to Abdul Hakeem230 Km
Motorway M-4From Pindi Bhattian to Multan309 Km
Motorway M-5From Multan to Sukkur392 Km
Motorway M-6From Sukkur to Hyderabad296 Km
Motorway M-7From Dadu to Hub270 Km
Motorway M-8From Ratodero to Gwadar892 Km
Motorway M-9From Hyderabad to Karachi136 Km
Motorway M-10Karachi Northern Bypass57 Km
Motorway M-11From Sialkot to Lahore103 Km
Motorway M-14From Hakla to D.I. Khan280 Km
Motorway M-15From Hasan Abdal to Thakot180 Km
Motorway M-16Swat Motorway – Swat Expressway160 Km

List of Other Expressways in Pakistan

Name of ExpresswayLengthLanes
Peshawar Northern Bypass32 km4
E1 Expressway65 km4
Peshawar – Torkham Expressway
E3 Expressway100 km4
Kot Sarwar–Hafizabad – Wazirabad Expressway
E5 Expressway103 km4
Khanewal – Lodhran Expressway
E6 Expressway69 km4
Sukkur – Jacobabad Expressway
E6B Expressway200 km4
Ratodero-Sehwan Expressway
E75 Expressway130 km4
Islamabad – Muzzafarabad Expressway
E90 Expressway66 km4
Besham – Khwazakhela Expressway
Lahore – Nankana Sahib Expressway66 km4
E2 Expressway28 km10

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