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Swat Coronavirus Lockdown

Swat News: Due to the coronavirus outbreak in Swat, the officials announced the lockdown of the valley for totemism, business, and other public activities. During the swat lockdown, all markets except grocery stores and vegetable shops are to be kept open. Alongside emergency services, other medical visits are also be given permission to operate during the swat lockdown.

In connection with the prevention of coronavirus in swat valley, the local government has announced the lockdown and closer of markets and shopping malls across the province for three days. It is expected that the lockdown in swat will continue until further notification.

The district government of swat today inforced the lockdown of the Mingora Bazar following the directive of chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan concerning the spread of coronavirus.

The lockdown of swat is not limited to the main city Mingora and capital Saidu Sharif but is applied to the entire swat valley.

After the coronavirus lockdown of Swat, checkpoints on the entry point to swat valley have been tightened to prevent the entry of non-resident to the valley to avoid the spread of the coronavirus in the valley.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Provincial Assembly and DDC chairman Swat Fazal Hakim have said that Rs 300 million has been provided to the administration immediately to deal with the Coronavirus lockdown, on which necessary supplies for the hospital will be purchased.

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