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About four thousand people from different countries came to Swat have been reported

Swat News: The District Health Officer of Swat Mohammad Akram Shah has said that since March 1, 2020, around four round people from different counties have returned to Swat. He said and showed his concerns that the visitors from abroad including France, the USA, UK, Italy, Iran, Germany, China, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia might have transported coronavirus along with them to Swat.

He further said that there is another large number perhaps in thousands of workers also entered Swat who works in other parts of Pakistan i.e. Mardan, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, etc.

The District Health Officer appealed people who come from outside are requested to quarantine them for 14 days to avoid social contact if we are excited. He ensured people that If we work consciously we can succeed in the fight against the Coronavirus.

While talking to the reporters Mr. Shah said that during the last two days in Swat the district health department has collected ten corona samples from suspected patients. The coronavirus samples have been sent to the National Institute of Health Islamabad for the invitation. The final report on these coronavirus samples may take three to four days he added.

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