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Swat Police

Swat Police work in partnership with the communities to maintain law and order, protect members of the public and their property, prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime and improve the quality of life for all people in Swat. To protect the general public swat police work 24/7 using modern safety and security technologies as well as trusted public relations for information gathering, identifying the perpetrators of crime, and ensure successful prosecutions against those who break the law.

How Swat Police Help the Community?

The Swat Police officers work closely with members of the criminal justice system, social workers, schools, local businesses, health trusts, housing authorities, town planners, community groups, and other law enforcement teams in swat to provide advice, education, and assistance to those who want to reduce crime or have been affected by crime.

What of Swat Police Does?

Swat police officers are responsible for:

  • Provide a visible police presence to deter crime and reassure the community in Swat
  • Conduct police patrol duties on foot, by car, and by bicycle
  • Develop community knowledge to identify individuals and locations at risk of being involved in crime
  • Respond to calls and requests from the public to assist at incidents in Swat
  • Work alongside communities, liaising with community groups and individuals
  • Keep the peace at public meetings, social events, processions, trade disputes or strikes
  • Diffuse potentially volatile situations with due regard for the safety of all involved
  • Act with sensitivity when dealing with situations such as delivering news of sudden death or when dealing with sexual crimes
  • Conduct initial investigations, gather evidence, take statements and comply with relevant legal requirements
  • Interview suspects, victims, and witnesses in accordance with relevant legislation
  • Conduct arrests with due regard for the human rights, security and health and safety of detained individuals, members of the public and colleagues, as well as yourself
  • Attend and give evidence in court and at other hearings
  • Complete police administrative procedures
  • Submit internal crime reports and criminal intelligence reports
  • Take action on information received from members of the public
  • Gather, record and analyze intelligence to achieve community safety and crime reduction objectives and provide crime prevention advice
  • Take direction on specific duties from senior colleagues
  • Attend road-related incidents including collision scenes, vehicle check-points and traffic offenses in swat
  • Enforce road traffic legislation and issue fixed penalties for relevant offenses
  • Deal with lost or found property.

How to Contact Swat Police for Help?

If you are lost, ask a policeman or woman, they are courteous, approachable, and helpful. Traffic police and wardens may also be able to help you with directions in Swat. If you have been the victim of a robbery or an assault or facing other emergency situation or require help from Swat Police, call the local emergency and rescue service number at 1122 from any phone in Swat.

All subdivisions/areas in the valley have their own swat police community support officers, who are responsible to maintain peace in their own geographical area who can help you should you require their help. Swat Police also deal with anti-social behavior, can offer advice on crime prevention, and can also help you with directions and information.

What Are The Top Safety Guidelines of Swat Police for Tourists?

It is better to be safe than sorry, of course, swat police are here to help you but there is a big part on your side to pay as well. Your corporation as a tourist with swat police will ensure your safety and security in swat if you follow these easy guidelines.

Also, touring and staying in swat can be great fun especially when you have a safe and peaceful trip and secure accommodation. To avoid accommodation frauds and hotel scams, Swat Police advise you to read and follow the swat hotels and accommodation guidelines.