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Swat Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit

Our list of famous tourist attractions in Swat and a summary of the best places to visit in swat is the all-time favourite of tourists from across the world who visits Pakistan. When touring Pakistan, you should consider our list of great places to visit in Swat if you are looking for a memorable vacation or weekend break full of historical attractions, countless great cultural experiences, and other fun things to do in Swat Valley.beautiful places swat

Things To See and Do in Swat

My oh my… where do we start?! Not sure where to start or how to fit all our amazing attractions into the time you’ve got? There are probably a million and one ways to fill your holiday with incredible things to do in Swat.

So, how about a grand tour of Kalam Valley? Have road rides through majestic landscapes? Discovering the secrets and ancient spiritual power of Buddhism in Swat? A winter sports adventure? An afternoon tea on the riverside or a trip to the museum? Snow-capped mountains or lush green nature explorations? Night at the bonfire musical concert? Climbing mountains? Following a literary trail? White-water rafting? Shopping expedition? We literally could go on, and on, and on, and on…

Your Pre-planned Itinerary for Swat

Check out our full range of itineraries covering different holiday lengths, themes, and areas of Swat. Start with our suggestions and then adjust for your ideal holiday to Swat.

Summary of Swat Tourist Attractions & Places to Visit in Swat

1. Saidu Sharif

2. Mingora City and Bazar

3. Swat Museum

4. Murghzar White Palace

5. Bahrain

6. Madyan

7. Shingrai Waterfall

8. Shingardar Stupa

9. Shangla Top

10. Malam Jabba Ski Resort

11. Kalam Valley

12. Gabin Jabba

13. Kumrat Valley

14. Fizagat Park

15. Ushu

16. Tall and Dardiyal

17. Peuchar Valley

17. Saidu Sharif

List of Famous Lakes to Visit In Swat

1. Spin Khwar (White Stream) Lake

2. Khaipro Lakes

3. Kandol Lake

4. Izmis lake

5. Bashigtam Lake

6. Daral Lake

7. Mahodand Lake

8. Anakar Lake

9. Godur Lake

10. Shetan Goot Lakes

11. Neelsar Lake

12. Saidgai Lake

13. Kharkhari Lake

14. Naran Kaghan

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6 thoughts on “Swat Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit

  1. Nice Post. very well-written and very informative.

  2. I am interested in fishing trips in Swat Valley, in particular wild trout. What do you offer for such trips? Where would you recommend we fly in to? What time of year would you recommend?

  3. Swat is one of the best tourist destinations in Pakistan It is also called Switzerland of Asia.

  4. I’m from London, I’m planning to visit swat this summer when I go to Pakistan on my family trip.

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