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Swat Meaning

The meaning of Swat is to hit, slap, or smack something hard especially with a sudden swing of your hand or an object. The word “SWAT” has a similar meaning In both British and American English and that is “powerful or crushing blow” when used as a verb or noun.

The meaning of Swat in the English Language

The meaning of Swat in the English Language

Although SWAT is mostly used as a verb, noun, and abbreviation in the English dictionary, it is also referred to as the name of a geographical location.

Denotation of SWAT

SWAT is commonly denoted by three forms i.e. in uppercase (SWAT), lowercase (Swat), and composition of letters separated by dots (S.W.A.T) to represent an abbreviation. All these denotations are mostly used in a different context, however, these words are sometimes interchangeably used. We will discuss some examples here in more detail.



Abbreviation of SWAT (Acronyms)

Abbreviations of SWAT in Police and Law Enforcement:

SWAT Special Weapons and Tactics (also known as SWAT Team):

Abbreviations of SWAT in Government and Military:

Special Weapons and Tactics (team)
Special Weapons Attack Team (original name; now usually seen as Special Weapons And Tactics)
Subjective Workload Assessment Technique
Stress Wave Analysis Technique
Submillimeter Wave Advanced Technology
Strategic Weapons and Tactics (TV show)
Satellite, Wideband, and Telemetry (systems)
Surface Water Ambient Toxics Monitoring Program (Maine)
System-Wide Analysis Team
Surface water assessment team
Satellite-Based Worldwide Availability Tool
Solid Waste Assessment Team
Squad Weapons Analytical Trainer
Service Weapons Acceptability Test
Surface Weapons Against Torpedoes
Switch Assembly Test

Abbreviations of SWAT in Technology

Samba Web Administration Tool
Skilled With Advanced Tools (software development)
Solutions with Advanced Technologies (Cisco)
Software Analysis and Testing (or Quality Assurance)
Skilled Workers with Advanced Tools
Satellite-Based Worldwide Availability Tool
Software Wireless Access Tandem

Abbreviations of SWAT in Science and Medicine

Scandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory
Soil and Water Assessment Tool (river basin model)
Stress Wave Analysis Technique
Solid Waste Assessment Test
Severe Wastewater Analysis Test (coating performance evaluation; Tnemec)
Satellite, Wideband, and Telemetry (systems)
Surface Water Ambient Toxics Monitoring Program (Maine)
Short Wavelength Adaptive Technology
Secure Wire Access Terminal
Strengths, Weaknesses, Achievements & Threats (assessment)
Subsea Well Abandonment Tool
Satellite-Based Worldwide Availability Tool
Solid Waste Assessment Team
Strengths, Weakness, Advantages & Threats (assessment)

Abbreviations of SWAT in Business

Samba Web Administration Tool
Severe Wastewater Analysis Test (coating performance evaluation; Tnemec)
Sexy without Actually Trying (clothing line; Swathearts)
Sell What’s Available Today
Solutions with Advanced Technologies (Cisco)
Softball with an Attitude (softball team; Philadelphia, PA)

Abbreviations of SWAT in Organizations

Scandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory
Students Working Against Tobacco
Soldiers with a Testimony (youth group; various locations)
South West Angels of Terror (roller derby team)
Students Working to Advance Technology
Soccer with Attitude
Special Weapons Attack Team (original name; now usually seen as Special Weapons And Tactics)
Students With A Testimony
Sex Workers’ Alliance of Toronto
Soul Winning and Training (Baptist church)
Soldiers with Apostolic Truth
Special Winning Attitude Team
Seattle Washington Autoduel Team

Abbreviations of SWAT in Companies and Institutions

Students with a Target (student/police partnership program in Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Sisters With A Throttle (motorcycle club)
Servants with A Testimony
Swift Action Team
Students Winning Against Tobacco (Texas)
Soul Winning Attack Team (Fayetteville, GA)
Surface Water Ambient Toxics Monitoring Program (Maine)
SouthWest Airedale Terriers
Spiritual Warfare and Training (youth ministry)
Southwest Aquatics of Texas
Southwest Association of Trackers
Sanibel Water Attack Team (swimming)
Server, Workstation And Technology Group
Soul Winning Across Town
Scout Water Activity Team
Southwest Area Vocational-Technical (school)
Softball with an Attitude (softball team; Philadelphia, PA)
Saints With A Testimony (LDS church)
Special Warfare Assault Team (Call of Duty gaming clan)
Seeking Wisdom and Truth (Christianity)

Abbreviations of SWAT in Slang and Jargons

Soccer with Attitude
Symbolic, Written, Audio, Technical
Strategic Weapons and Tactics (TV show)
South West Alief Texas
Scientific Wild Ass Guess
Sell What’s Available Today
Sick Wild and Twisted (band)
Staff Without Adequate Training
Ship What’s Available Today
Seeds, Weeds, And Trash
Sticks With Ass-kicking Tactics
Special Warfare Assault Team (Call of Duty gaming clan)

Swat Team (Special Weapons and Tactics)

Swat Team (Special Weapons and Tactics) is the most elite unit within the law enforcement agencies or police force, used to tackle and combat situations beyond the capability of conventional forces. The elite Swat Team receives military-level special training and weapons ensuring high-quality accuracy. The officers in the swat team are also well known for planning reliable tactics when responding to high-risk exceptional situations.

Swat Team with weapon

Swat Team with Weapon

SWAT Television Series

Swat is a place name that has over 2000 years of history but recently this name is adopted by other entities as well. For example, SWAT (1975 American action crime TV series), SWAT (2003 film based on the series), and SWAT 2017 TV series (based on the 1975 television series and 2003 feature film). Also, the Special Weapons And Tactics in the USA and worldwide is often called SWAT.

SWAT is a television action and crime drama series originally produced and broadcasted in 1975 in the USA. The new SWAT series i.e. Swat Season 1 (2017 – 2018), Swat Season 2 (2018 – 2019), Swat Season 3 (2019 – 2020), Swat Season 4 (2020 – 2021) are produced by CBS Studios.

Key Factors About Swat TV Series

Facts and figures of Swat Seasons (Summary sheet)
Swat Season 1Swat Season 2Swat Season 3Swat Season 4
Production Year2017 – 20182018 – 20192019 – 20202020 – 2021
Premiere DateNov 2, 2017Sep 27, 2018Oct 2, 2019Nov 11, 2020
No. of episodes222321TBC
GenreAction drama and crime scene
NetworkCBS Studios
Country of originUSA
CreatorAaron Rahsaan Thomas
Exec. ProducersShawn Ryan, Neal H. Moritz, Marney Hochman, Aaron Rahsaan Thomas, and Pavun Shetty
Major CastShemar Moore acts as a Daniel ‘Hondo’ Harrelson
Lina Esco acts as a Christina ‘Chris’ Alonso
Jay Harrington acts as a David ‘Deacon’ Kay
Alex Russell acts as a Jim Street
Kenny Johnson acts as a Dominique Luca
David Lim acts as a Victor Tan
Patrick St. Esprit acts as a Robert Hicks
Stephanie Sigman acts as a Jessica Cortez
Lou Ferrigno Jr. acts as a Donovan Rocker
Peter Onorati acts as a Jeff Mumford
Amy Farrington acts as a Lieutenant Piper Lynch

Swat Season 1 (2017 – 2018)

Swat season 1 was first aired on November 2, 2017. Season 1 has a total of 22 episodes that were aired until May 17, 2018. Summary of 22 episodes combining Swat season 1 follows:

Summary of Swat Season 1

EpisodesTitleAirdateTotal viewers


Episode 1“Pilot”November 2, 201710.52
Episode 2“Cuchillo”November 9, 201710.27
Episode 3“Pamilya”November 16, 20179.48
Episode 4“Radical”November 23, 20179.17
Episode 5“Imposters”November 30, 20179.83
Episode 6“Octane”December 7, 20179.52
Episode 7“Homecoming”December 14, 2017N/A
Episode 8“Miracle”December 21, 2017N/A
Episode 9“Blindspots”January 4, 2018N/A
Episode 10“Seizure”January 11, 201810.35
Episode 11“K-Town”January 18, 20189.7
Episode 12“Containment”February 1, 20189.95
Episode 13“Fences”March 1, 20189.04
Episode 14“Ghosts”March 8, 20189.26
Episode 15“Crews”March 29, 20189.05
Episode 16“Payback”April 5, 20188.78
Episode 17“Armory”April 12, 20188.85
Episode 18“Patrol”April 19, 20188.98
Episode 19“Source”April 26, 20188.69
Episode 20“Vendetta”May 3, 20188.53
Episode 21“Hunted”May 10, 20188.83
Episode 22“Hoax”May 17, 20189.19

Swat Season 2 (2018 – 2019)

Swat season 2 was first aired on September 27, 2018. Season 2 has a total of 23 episodes that were aired until May 16, 2019. Summary of 23 episodes combining Swat season 2 follows:

Summary of Swat Season 2

EpisodesTitleAirdateTotal viewers


Episode 1“Shaky Town”September 27, 20188.16
Episode 2“Gasoline Drum”October 4, 20188.44
Episode 3“Fire and Smoke”October 11, 20188.43
Episode 4“Saving Face”October 18, 20188.65
Episode 5“S.O.S.”October 25, 20188.51
Episode 6“Never Again”November 1, 20188.48
Episode 7“Inheritance”November 8, 20188.38
Episode 8“The Tiffany Experience”November 15, 20188.37
Episode 9“Day Off”November 29, 20188.68
Episode 10“1000 Joules”December 6, 20188.84
Episode 11“School”January 3, 20199.44
Episode 12“Los Huesos”January 10, 20199.3
Episode 13“Encore”January 31, 20199.28
Episode 14“The B-Team”February 7, 20198.72
Episode 15“Fallen”February 14, 20198.93
Episode 16“Pride”February 21, 20198.89
Episode 17“Jack”March 7, 20198.95
Episode 18“Cash Flow”April 4, 20198.06
Episode 19“Invisible”April 18, 20198.42
Episode 20“Rocket Fuel”April 25, 20198.02
Episode 21“Day of Dread”May 2, 20198.11
Episode 22“Trigger Creep”May 9, 20197.95
Episode 23“Kangaroo”May 16, 20198.98

Swat Season 3 (2019 – 2020)

Swat season 3 was first aired on October 2, 2019. Season 2 has a total of 21 episodes that were aired until May 20, 2020. Summary of 21 episodes combining Swat season 3 follows:

Summary of Swat Season 3

EpisodesTitleAirdateTotal viewers
Episode 1“Fire in the Sky”October 2, 20197.68
Episode 2“Bad Faith”October 9, 20197.17
Episode 3“Funny Money”October 16, 20196.95
Episode 4“Immunity”October 23, 20197.05
Episode 5“The LBC”October 30, 20196.83
Episode 6“Kingdom”November 6, 20197.05
Episode 7“Track”November 13, 20196.29
Episode 8“Lion’s Den”November 20, 20196.97
Episode 9“Sea Legs”November 27, 20198.27
Episode 10“Monster”December 11, 20197.9
Episode 11“Bad Cop”January 15, 20207.11
Episode 12“Good Cop”January 22, 20206.93
Episode 13“Ekitai Rashku”January 29, 20207.73
Episode 14“Animus”March 4, 20206.88
Episode 15“Knockout”March 11, 20207.21
Episode 16“Gunpowder Treason”March 18, 20207.28
Episode 17“Hotel L.A”March 25, 20206.96
Episode 18“Stigma”April 8, 20207.36
Episode 19“Vice”April 22, 2020TBD
Episode 20“Wild Ones”April 29, 2020TBD
Episode 21“Diablo”May 20, 2020TBD

Swat Season 4 (2020 – 2021)

Swat season 4 was first aired on November 11, 2020. The total number of episodes of season 4 are yet to be confirmed at the end of 2021. Summary of the episodes of Swat season 4 that already went on-air is the following:

Summary of Swat Season 4

EpisodesTitleAirdateTotal viewers
Episode 1“3 Seventeen Year Olds”November 11, 2020TBD
Episode 2“Stakeout”November 11, 2020TBD
Episode 3“The Black Hand Man”November 18, 2020TBD
Episode 4“Memento Mori”November 25, 2020TBD
Episode 5“Fracture”December 9, 2020TBD
Episode 6“Hopeless Sinner”December 16, 2020TBD

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