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University of Swat

The University of Swat (UoS), commonly referred to as Swat University, is the first public sector university in the Swat Valley. The university came into existence through a formal order of the Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in 2010. Its main campus is located in Charbagh, Swat, at approximately 19 kilometers (11.8 miles) from Saidu Sharif.

Log of University of Swat

Log of University of Swat

The University of Swat offers a diverse array of disciplines and programs tailored to meet the diverse academic goals of students. Driven by a dedication to excellence, the university strives to foster a supportive learning atmosphere that encourages critical thinking, research, and innovation.

History of the University of Swat

Prior to its establishment in 2010, the Swat region faced a dearth of higher education options, leading students to rely on institutions located outside the area. Recognizing this gap, the University of Swat emerged as a solution to provide accessible and quality education. It has since grown to become a respected institution, offering a diverse range of academic programs and contributing significantly to education and research in the province, ultimately fostering development and empowerment in the region.

Campuses of the University of Swat

The University of Swat proudly operates two campuses. The main campus, situated at Charbagh, stands as a beacon of co-education, providing equal teaching and job opportunities for students of all genders. This inclusive environment not only fosters a diverse learning experience but also opens doors to a wide range of career prospects.

In addition, the university’s sub-campus located is exclusively dedicated to female students, offering them a unique choice in their educational journey. Here, female students are empowered with the freedom to select between co-education and a more secluded learning atmosphere, according to their preferences. This thoughtful approach ensures that every student can pursue education in a way that aligns with their comfort and aspirations, ultimately contributing to a well-rounded and enriching academic experience for all.

The Mission of the University of Swat

The mission of the University of Swat is to provide high-quality education, promote research and innovation, and contribute to the social and economic development of the region and the country as a whole. The university aims to create a vibrant learning environment that nurtures critical thinking, creativity, and leadership skills among its students. It is committed to offering a diverse range of academic programs and disciplines that cater to the evolving needs of society and prepare graduates to excel in their chosen fields.

The University of Swat also seeks to engage in cutting-edge research that addresses local and global challenges, while fostering a culture of inquiry and intellectual curiosity. By promoting research and innovation, the university aims to contribute to advancements in various fields and enhance the overall academic and research landscape of Pakistan. Additionally, the university strives to maintain strong links with the community and industry, ensuring that its research and educational offerings align with the practical needs of society.

Accreditation of the University of Swat

The University of Swat’s accreditation is primarily endorsed by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, which serves as the authoritative body responsible for overseeing and regulating higher education institutions within the country. This accreditation underscores the university’s adherence to the set standards and criteria outlined by the HEC in areas encompassing educational quality, faculty qualifications, infrastructure, and research endeavors.

While the University of Swat’s primary recognition is at the national level through its affiliation with the HEC, the university is also in the process of garnering international recognition by actively participating in research collaborations, fostering faculty exchange programs, and participating in international academic events. These endeavors contribute significantly to expanding the university’s profile and recognition within the global academic community.

Research at the University of Swat

The University of Swat is dedicated to promoting research and scholarly activities across a diverse range of disciplines. The university recognizes the pivotal role that research plays in advancing knowledge, addressing societal challenges, and contributing to academic and practical advancements. As part of its commitment to fostering a research-oriented culture, the University of Swat encourages both faculty members and students to engage in meaningful research endeavors.

The research efforts at the University of Swat encompass a wide array of fields, ranging from sciences and social sciences to humanities and technology. The university strives to grow its research capacity over time, aiming to expand its contributions to academic knowledge and practical solutions. Through these research initiatives, the university aims to contribute valuable insights, solutions, and innovations that can positively impact both local and global communities. By nurturing a vibrant research ecosystem, the University of Swat continues to play a significant role in advancing knowledge and driving positive change.

Degrees & Courses at the University of Swat

The University of Swat stands out as a pioneer in offering bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. level courses in the region, marking it as the first institution of its kind in Swat. Notably, the University of Swat holds the distinction of being the first in Swat to award Ph.D. degrees.

The university provides a diverse array of courses spanning various disciplines. Core subjects include science, arts, humanities, as well as computer and technology-related courses. Additionally, the University of Swat offers programs in Biotechnology & Microbiology, Agriculture Sciences and Forestry, Animal Science and Fisheries, Earth and Space Sciences, Education and Staff Training, Management & Commerce, Plant Science and Biodiversity, Applied Physical and Material Sciences, Computer and Software Technologies, Economics and Development Studies, English and Foreign Languages, Environmental and Conservation Sciences, Forensic Sciences, Law & Shari’a, Mathematics & Statistics, Media & Communication Studies, Psychological Studies, Social and Gender Studies, Chemical Sciences, Cultural Heritage, and Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Undergraduate Degrees

An undergraduate degree from the University of Swat offers comprehensive knowledge in a specific subject and typically spans a duration of three years. These bachelor’s degrees, also referred to as first degrees, encompass a blend of seminars, workshops, and lectures structured around various modules.

To be admitted into the undergraduate degree program at the University of Swat, a higher secondary school certificate or an equivalent qualification from a recognized board or institute is usually a prerequisite.

Types of undergraduate degrees include:

  • BA – Bachelor of Arts
  • B.S., BS, B.Sc. or BSc – Bachelor of Science

Postgraduate Degrees

Postgraduate programs encompass advanced studies, including master’s degrees, MPhil, doctorates (PhDs), and postgraduate diplomas. At the University of Swat, most master’s degrees are taught using a structured curriculum, whereas Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degrees combine both taught and research components, and doctorate (PhD) degrees are entirely research-focused.

To be admitted to the master’s degree or MPhil program at the University of Swat, a bachelor’s degree is typically required, while enrollment in the Ph.D. program generally necessitates either a master’s degree or an MPhil degree.

Types of master’s degrees offered include:

  • MSc – Master of Science
  • MA – Master of Arts
  • MEd – Master of Education
  • LLM – Master of Law
  • MBA – Master of Business Administration
  • MRes – Master of Research

Types of other advanced postgraduate degrees include:

  • MPhil – Master of Philosophy
  • PhDs – Doctor of Philosophy

Faculties and Departments at the University of Swat

Centre for Biotechnology & Microbiology

You will delve into the practical application of biological knowledge in economically significant domains such as health, food, and the environment. The University of Swat offers an opportunity to explore the uncharted territories of Biotechnology and Microbiology through education and research. This endeavor aims to harness the potential of Biotechnology and Microbiology for the development of valuable goods and services that benefit society.

Graduates in microbiology from the University of Swat find themselves in diverse roles, contributing to fields like food production, environmental science, medicine, and fundamental research. They are employed across various sectors including hospitals, universities, private enterprises, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. These professionals hold a range of titles, from Biosafety Officer to Professor, reflecting the breadth of their impact and expertise.

  • BS Biotechnology
  • BS Microbiology
  • BS Genetics
  • MPhil in Biotechnology
  • MPhil in Microbiology

Centre for Agriculture Sciences and Forestry

Agriculture & Forestry at the University of Swat encompasses the exploration of farming and environmental sciences, including soil analysis and estate management. This field of study is becoming increasingly contemporary, with climate change taking a central role in public discourse.

The University of Swat boasts the most comprehensive agriculture program in the region, aimed at furnishing students with a strong foundation of knowledge and training. This equips them for a diverse range of careers, such as agribusiness, natural resource management, and involvement in the production, processing, distribution, and marketing of food and fiber products.

  • BS Agriculture Sciences And Forestry

Centre for Animal Science and Fisheries

The Department of Animal Science and Fisheries at the University of Swat delves into the art of manipulating the natural environment to achieve profitable livestock and fish production. The curriculum not only acquaints students with the legal and policy framework of fisheries but also delves into broader aspects of animal behavior, well-being, husbandry, and livestock management.

Graduates from the University of Swat’s Animal Science and Fisheries program possess a deep understanding of animal growth and ecosystems, enabling them to skillfully oversee the development and production of animals and fish for various purposes. Equipped with these skills, you can pursue roles in diverse fields, including aquatic science, livestock development, conservation, and zoology. Your expertise will prove valuable in both administrative and operational capacities.

  • BS Zoology
  • MSc in Zoology

Centre for Earth and Space Sciences

The Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Swat is dedicated to imparting comprehensive education in the domains of geology, Earth science, and space science. The department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in geology and earth science, accompanied by minor degrees in geology, earth science, and space science.

Completing a degree in the interdisciplinary realm of earth and space sciences from the University of Swat opens doors to various career paths. You might explore opportunities in fields such as geology, resource management, geochemistry, environmental protection, geotechnical or civil engineering, science education, research, or geotechnical consulting. The program equips you with a versatile skill set applicable to a range of professional pursuits.

  • BS in Geology

Centre for Education and Staff Training

You will receive comprehensive support in developing critical perspectives on education, learning, and teaching across a diverse range of contexts, including lectures, seminars, and practical workshops. At the University of Swat, the Bachelor of Education program spans four years and serves as a foundation for pursuing further studies, such as a Master of Education (MEd) or MPhil in Education.

During your education journey, you’ll delve deeper into both your subject area and teaching practices, complemented by hands-on experience in schools as well as on-campus learning at the University of Swat. The program encompasses specialized subjects related to your teaching specialization and includes professional studies. Additionally, you’ll engage in extended placements and action-based research to further enrich your learning experience.

  • Bachelor of Education (Hons)
  • MPhil in Education

Centre for Management & Commerce

Pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University of Swat will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of various facets of business. You’ll have the opportunity to specialize in specific subjects that align with your interests, such as finance, economics, marketing, and human resource management.

Engaging in studies within this field will grant you insights into the inner workings of businesses and organizations. By enrolling in programs offered at the University of Swat in this discipline, you can anticipate honing essential decision-making skills and crafting a career that holds relevance in a dynamic global workforce.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Centre for Plant Science and Biodiversity

This field encompasses a diverse spectrum of topics, ranging from fundamental inquiries into how plants perceive time to practical explorations concerning the future of food production and the utilization of plants as biotechnological tools, including vaccines. At the University of Swat, your study of plants will encompass a wide array, spanning from single-celled algae to liverworts, snapdragons, and crop plants. These studies will contribute to addressing a broad range of biological inquiries.

The University of Swat will equip you with analytical and scientific proficiencies that are applicable to various career paths. The foundational skills you cultivate will significantly enhance your employability. Upon graduating from the University, you’ll have access to a diverse array of career opportunities, including positions within various industries. As a botanist, you can choose to specialize in numerous fields, such as plant anatomy and physiology, genetics, ecology, or marine botany.

  • BS in Botany
  • MPhil in Botany
  • Ph.D. in Botany

Department of Applied Physical and Material Sciences

Physics is fundamentally a practical science that relies on data, necessitating physicists to possess a comprehensive understanding of data generation and analysis techniques. During your time at the University of Swat, you will participate in laboratory classes aimed at equipping you with a diverse skill set encompassing the use of equipment, experimental methodologies, data interpretation, and effective presentation of results.

Physics education at the University of Swat is rigorous, involving mathematical aspects and emphasizing foundational principles like optics and relativity. Tutorials provide students with direct and consistent interaction with physicists engaged in active research. This engagement offers a unique opportunity to delve into scientific concepts alongside experts in the field, fostering a deeper exploration of scientific ideas.

  • BS in Physics
  • M.Sc in Physics

Department of Computer and Software Technologies

Computer and software technology is an integration of information technology, software engineering, and computer science. Opting for a degree in computer software technology at the University of Swat will provide you with the opportunity to explore the multifaceted dimensions of the software technology industry. This degree program is designed to equip you with both the technical skills to create high-quality software technology products and the business acumen to effectively implement computer software solutions.

The curriculum encompasses every phase of the software development lifecycle, ranging from requirements gathering and software design patterns to software development, testing, and project management. Rooted in a strong foundation of mathematics and computer programming, the Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Swat will impart the knowledge necessary to design and sustain software technology systems that are not only cost-effective but also reliable, efficient, and aligned with customer specifications.

  • BS in Computer Science
  • BS Information Technology
  • BS Software Engineering

Department of Economics and Development Studies

The course aims to foster analytical and critical skills that are pertinent to economic development, particularly those essential for evaluating different policy approaches. The University of Swat offers a comprehensive quantitative degree program that facilitates the development of your ability to access, process, and interpret diverse sets of data. The curriculum is designed to equip students with the research tools and methodologies required for those interested in pursuing further doctoral research in the field of development economics.

By selecting this course at the University of Swat, you will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the theories and historical context of development and aid, as well as an exploration of development within the global economy. The curriculum delves into how economics can be employed to analyze real-world challenges and investigates subjects like macro and micro-level economic principles, the developmental process, policy initiatives, and the intricate issues and quandaries encountered in the realm of development.

  • BS in Economics
  • BS in Development Studies

Department of English and Foreign Languages

This course offered by the University of Swat immerses you in literary studies while simultaneously enhancing your language proficiency within a cultural framework. It allows you to explore innovations in literature within their historical and national contexts. This practical BA (Hons) in Applied Languages program leverages your language-learning abilities, transforming them into professional skills tailored for a dynamic career in multilingual communication.

Graduates from the University of Swat have achieved success in diverse fields, including teaching both domestically and internationally, journalism, branding, advertising, marketing, travel, communications, publishing, speech and occupational therapy, interpreting, translating, and media.

  • BS English

Department of Environmental and Conservation Sciences

Pursuing a degree in Environmental Science at the University of Swat equips you to address pressing environmental challenges, such as land and water conservation, biodiversity preservation, and climate change adaptation. You’ll delve into the intricate relationships among science, society, and the economy, shaping decisions in environmental management.

This degree opens pathways to career opportunities in sectors like agri-business and agri-tech, wildlife parks, and zoos, as well as sustainability management. Graduates from the University of Swat often secure positions as planning consultants, conservationists, teachers, science writers, and within government agencies responsible for policy formulation and environmental conservation mandates.

  • BS Environmental Sciences
  • M.Sc Environmental Sciences

Department of Forensic Sciences

The Forensic Science course at the University of Swat places a significant emphasis on enhancing employability skills, covering the entire process from crime scene investigation to court presentation. During your studies, you will gain expertise in standard practices and techniques involved in crime scene examination, as well as laboratory analysis and interpretation of evidence. The curriculum includes specialized branches of forensic science, such as criminalistics, forensic chemistry, biology, anthropology, fire investigation, and toxicology.

With its strong scientific foundation, the Forensic Science course at the University of Swat prepares you for various scientific sectors, making you a valuable asset for potential employers. As a trained forensic scientist, you’ll play a pivotal role in providing scientifically sound evidence for court proceedings, aiding both prosecution and defense teams in criminal and civil investigations.

  • BS in Forensic Science

Department of Law & Shari’a

The B.A LL.B Shariah & Law degree offered by the University of Swat is a distinctive and comprehensive learning program. Its primary objective is to equip graduates with a solid grasp of knowledge, skills, and aptitude in both Law and Shari’ah, enabling them to contribute to the legal profession, society, nation, ummah, and humanity as a whole. Additionally, the program focuses on cultivating lifelong learning skills and a strong sense of responsibility to uphold the principles of rule of law, shari’ah, and social justice.

Upon graduation from the University of Swat, individuals have various career pathways available to them. These include becoming practicing lawyers in the courtroom or serving as in-house legal advisors for private or government entities. Graduates can also pursue careers as members of the judiciary, legal officers, federal counsels, attorneys, company secretaries, administrative and diplomatic officers, and academic professionals, among other opportunities.

  • BA LL.B (Law & Sharia’h)

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Pursuing a degree in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Swat equips you with essential skills for developing and implementing various mathematical methods, offering a compelling blend of in-depth method-building rooted in mathematics and versatile applied techniques for working with data. The course typically encompasses a foundation in algebra and calculus, followed by opportunities for specialization in areas like codes and cryptography, fluid mechanics, and even mathematical biology.

A degree from the University of Swat in mathematics and statistics empowers you to cultivate skills in pattern recognition, drawing meaningful conclusions, dealing with abstract concepts, analyzing extensive data sets, and approaching problems with an analytical and rigorous mindset. Graduates often leverage their numerical skills within the financial sector, but a wide array of opportunities exist for individuals proficient in processing and analyzing substantial data, solving intricate problems with mathematical precision, and making informed decisions through data interpretation. The skills of mathematics and statistics graduates are increasingly sought after in emerging fields such as data science, healthcare, technology, education, and various industries.

  • BS Mathematics
  • M.Sc Mathematics
  • M.Phil Mathematics

Department of Media & Communication Studies

Embarking on the study of media and communication presents the challenge of staying abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and discussions. Media and communication programs at the University of Swat are crafted to equip students for careers within media-related sectors, fostering critical analysis of the media’s role in reflecting, portraying, and impacting the world.

Pursuing a Media and Communication degree at the University of Swat empowers you with a diverse array of specialized analytical and practical skills pertinent to numerous roles in the media and communication industries. The comprehensive nature of the course is strategically designed to enable graduates to thrive in various communication and media domains, while remaining adaptable in an ever-evolving landscape where keen critical understanding and analytical proficiency hold paramount significance.

  • BS Media & Communication
  • M.Sc Media & Communication

Department of Psychological Studies

Psychologists delve into the broad spectrum of influences shaping behavior, spanning from biological to social factors. Students at the University of Swat engage in the exploration of topics such as environmental perception, cognition, learning, memory, interpersonal communication, personality diversity, and developmental transitions across the lifespan.

Graduating with a degree in psychology from the University of Swat lays a foundational pathway towards a professional journey in psychology, unveiling an array of opportunities. Psychology careers extend across diverse fields, encompassing criminal justice, education, business, mental health, and beyond, presenting a multitude of avenues for graduates to explore.

  • M.Sc in Psychology
  • BS in Psychology

Department of Social and Gender Studies

Sociology studies at the University of Swat encompass a comprehensive exploration of nearly every facet of social existence. By incorporating theoretical frameworks, these studies aid in comprehending the structures and manifestations of societies, as well as scrutinizing real-world societal challenges and contemporary ethical complexities. A sociology degree equips students with theories and methodologies essential for discerning how individual identities, behaviors, and life experiences are influenced by the systems and mechanisms that contribute to exclusion and inequality in today’s society.

Graduates from the University of Swat embark on diverse career paths, including roles in publishing, media, journalism, teaching, public relations, social work, and market research. Many of our students opt to pursue advanced degrees in subjects such as sociology, law, and teaching following graduation, enhancing their expertise in these fields.

  • MA in Sociology
  • BS in Sociology

Institute of Chemical Sciences

As you advance through your studies, you will develop practical skills that encompass fundamental concepts in chemistry as well as the latest scientific breakthroughs. The curriculum at the University of Swat will unveil the ways in which this subject can be harnessed to address global challenges.

Graduates of the University of Swat, along with apprenticeship program participants, have the opportunity for employment across a spectrum of industries. These include the chemical, pharmaceutical, materials, food and beverage, utility, healthcare, aerospace, automotive, information technology, and telecommunications sectors. A degree in chemical science will not only equip you with specialized skills but also a versatile toolkit applicable to various career avenues, including local government, teaching, law, journalism, business, and finance.

  • BS Chemical Sciences

Institute of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality Management

You will cultivate organizational and business acumen, with a focus on the cultural dimensions of tourism. Your journey at the University of Swat will nurture an appreciation of the complexities and concepts inherent in the industry, along with insights into marketing strategies and the significance of heritage. Archaeology serves as a portal to our history, allowing us to decipher the essence of human existence through material remnants.

Upon achieving your degree from the University of Swat, you might envision pursuing managerial roles within museums, archives, or heritage sites. Additionally, you could explore opportunities in associated positions within local, regional, and national public policy departments concerned with cultural and heritage matters.

  • BS Tourism
  • BS Archaeology

Public Colleges Affiliated with University of Swat

Govt Post Graduate Girls College Saidu Sharif, Swat
Government Postgraduate Jahanzeb College Saidu Sharif, Swat
Govt Girls Degree College Barikot, Swat
Govt. Girls Degree College Kanju Swat
Government Girls Degree College Khwazakhela Swat
Govt Degree College Mingora, Swat
Government Degree College Madyan, Swat
Govt. Girls Degree College Madyan, Swat
Government Dr. Khan Shaheed Degree College Kabal, Swat
Government Afzal Khan Lala Postgraduate college Matta Swat
Govt. College of Management Sciences Sangota, Swat
Govt Degree College Alpurai, Shangla
Govt Degree College Chekesar, Shangla
Govt Degree College Puran, Shangla
Govt Girls Degree College, Daggar
Govt Girls Degree College, Daggar
Govt Degree College Jowar, Buner
Govt Degree College Totalai, Buner
Government Degree College Chamla, Buner

Private Colleges Affiliated with University of Swat

Swat College of Science & Technology, Saidu Sharif, Swat
Fatima Jinnah College of Education, KhwazaKhela, Swat
Tipu Shaheed College Kabal, Swat
Kabal Education Academy, Kabal, Swat
Faizan College of Education, Besham, Shangla

HEC Recognised Universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Abasyn University
Abbottabad University of Science and Technology (AUST)
Abdul Wali Khan University
Bacha Khan University
CECOS University of Information Technology & Emerging Sciences
City University of Science and Information Technology
Gandhara University
Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology
Gomal University
Hazara University
Institute of Management Sciences
Iqra National University
Khushal Khan Khattak University
Khyber Medical University
Kohat University of Science and Technology
Northern University
Pakistan Military Academy
Preston University
Qurtuba University of Science & Information Technology
Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology
Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University
Shuhada-e-Army Public School University of Technology, Nowshera
The Islamia College, Peshawar
The University of Agriculture Peshawar
The University of Lakki Marwat
University of Buner
University of Chitral
University of Engineering & Technology
University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Mardan
University of FATA
University of Haripur
University of Malakand
University of Peshawar
University of Science & Technology
University of Swabi
University of Swat
Women University Mardan
Women University, Swabi
​​Brains Institute Peshawar

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  1. Dear Ajmal Khan,
    It is a university not a single college or school to deal with all grievances in a single day. Check the number of colleges and schools it deals with. It takes time and budget to get things done.


  2. I just want to say thank you for all the free resources you have for students like me. The University of Swat made much more for me than any other university in Pakistan. I had excellent grades at school and college but due to my humble financial background, my admission to the other universities in Pakistan was almost impossible. I did apply to a few universities but the promise of scholarship at the beginning of the 1st semester was far from reality. I’m so glad that I choose this university in Swat.

  3. The university of swat is 10 years old yet there is little progress during this time. There are some other institutions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa younger than this university yet they have progressed a lot in comparison. The university teaching staff is great yet there is a lot of room for improvements in the computer laboratories, libraries, and especially in the behavior of the top management of the university.

    The university admission office in specific is awful, perhaps they don’t even understand their role. They are supposed to provide students information but unfortunately, they are as bad as the vice-chancellor and registrar office of the university when dealing with the students’ issues. Sadly, the home page of the university of swat is mainly dedicated to the vice-chancellor’s dummy message as opposed to the student or study-related topics.

    Try to send an email to the university vice-chancellor office ([email protected]) to tell them about something that you think needs improvement in the university of swat or question them for something similar regarding admissions, university roles, or even raise a complaint. You will realize that the vice-chancellor, admission office, and the registrar of the university are either not fit for their jobs or they really need some professional training. I had a bad experience with these parasites of the university. Give it a try if you think otherwise.

  4. Overall the University of Swat is great and I’m enjoying my time here since 2017 however, the construction work puts a distracting damper on things. The university’s new campus buildings at Charbag Swat were supposed to be ready by the 20019 yet fall 2020/2021 are admission intakes are just about to start and there are no signs of moving to the new campus.

    Currently, the university academic and administrative departments (buildings) are spread across different locations at the Kanju township campus in other locations in Swat. This makes it a bit painful for students when needed to physically interact with these departments of the university. This is hopefully coming to an end in 2021 when all or most of the academic and administrative departments the university will move to its new campus at Charbag.

    The university science laborites including the computer labs need up-gradation and expansion. The vice-chancellor and the administration of the university have made many promises to improve the university services but is awaiting the completion of the new campus. In this regard, I suppose I will have a much better time in 2021 and onwards should I choose to continue my studies at level MS degree at the Univerity of Swat as well.

  5. I had a great first year at the University of Swat and made really amazing new friends. I really enjoy my course and the opportunities that this university provides to students. Being away from home for my degree studies was hard at times, but having to be independent in mostly everything helped my confidence grow.

    Like all other courses in any other university, I struggled a bit when the course started. As time passes I got used to the well organized time table and things started to go smoothly than before. The way lectures and tutorials were conducted at the University of Swat is 100% effective. It is great to have decent talks from lecturers and tutors and know about real-life problems that we might face when we start working.

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