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University of Swat

The University of Swat (UoS) is also known as Swat University was established in 2010. The new campus of the University of Swat at Charbag is located approximately 19Km (11.8m) from Saidu Sharif. UoS is the first public sector university in Swat.

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Facts about the University of Swat

Whether you’re seeking admission in any of the reputed courses at the University of Swat or just wondering and want to find out information about the university. Following is a summary list of the interesting facts about the University of Swat which concludes answers to many of your questions that you might have.

Let’s have a closer look at these facts about the university and see Whether or not the University of Swat is your choice of institute to study in.

1. The First University

The University of Swat is the first degree-awarding government institution established in 2010 in Swat. All other Undergraduates, Postgraduate, and Ph.D. level degrees in Swat were previously awarded by other universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa such as by the University of Peshawar.

2. Number of Students

The University of Swat is home to over 4000 regular and over 15000 private students totaling the number of both male and female students to approximately 19,000. These numbers rank the University of Swat the biggest university in Swat in terms of the student numbers for both on-campus and off-campus students.

3. Range of Degrees

The University of Swat offers courses to bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. level students, which makes it the first institute of its nature in Swat. The Ph.D. degree-awarding institute, in particular, ranks the University of Swat the first in Swat.

4. Range of Courses

The University of Swat offers courses in a wide range of disciplines, for example, science, art, humanities, and computer & technology-related courses are the core subjects of the university.

Other subjects taught at the University of Swat are Biotechnology & Microbiology, Agriculture Sciences and Forestry, Animal Science and Fisheries, Earth and Space Sciences, Education and Staff Training, Management & Commerce, Plant Science and Biodiversity, Applied Physical and Material Sciences, Computer and Software Technologies, Economics and Development Studies, English and Foreign Languages, Environmental and Conservation Sciences, Forensic Sciences, Law & Shari’a, Mathematics & Statistics, Media & Communication Studies, Psychological Studies, Social and Gender Studies, Chemical Sciences, Cultural Heritage, and Tourism and Hospitality Management.

The New Campus of Swat University

History of the University of Swat

Swat University is a public sector university established in 2010 by the Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with prior formal approval from the President of Pakistan. Dr Muhammad Farooq Khan (late) served as the first Vice-Chancellor of the university.

Undergraduate Degrees

An undergraduate degree at the University of Swat provides a grounding in a subject and typically last for three years. These bachelor’s degrees also called the first-degree feature a combination of seminars, workshops, and lectures made up of different modules.

To get enrolled in the undergraduate degree program at the University of Swat, you would typically require a higher secondary school certificate or equivalent from a recognized board/institute.

Types of Undergraduater’s degree include:

  • BA – Bachelor of Arts
  • B.S., BS, B.Sc. or BSc – Bachelor of Science

Postgraduate Degrees

Postgraduate courses cover higher-level study, including master’s degrees, MPhil, doctorates (PhDs), and postgraduate diplomas. At the University of Swat, most master’s degrees are taught based, the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degrees are the combination of taught and research bases while the doctorates (PhDs) degrees are purely research-based.

To get enrolled in the master’s degree or MPhil program at the University of Swat, you would typically require a bachelor’s degree and for enrollment into the Ph.D. degree, you would require either a master’s degree or MPhil degree.

Types of master’s degree include:

  • MSc – Master of Science
  • MA – Master of Arts
  • MEd – Master of Education
  • LLM – Master of Law
  • MBA – Master of Business Administration
  • MRes – Master of Research

Types of other advanced postgraduate degrees include:

  • MPhil – Master of Philosophy
  • PhDs – Doctor of Philosophy

Faculties and Departments in University of Swat

Centre for Biotechnology & Microbiology

You will learn about the practical application of biological knowledge to economically important areas, such as health, food, and the environment. To explore a new horizon in Biotechnology and Microbiology through education and research at the University of swat, and realizing the potential of Biotechnology and Microbiology for the creation of goods and services of value to society.

Graduate microbiologists from the University of Swat now work in a variety of contexts, including food production, environmental science, medicine, and basic research. They work in hospitals, universities, private companies, non-profit organizations, and government, and have many different job titles, from Biosafety Officer to Professor.

  • BS Biotechnology
  • BS Microbiology
  • BS Genetics
  • MPhil in Biotechnology
  • MPhil in Microbiology

Centre for Agriculture Sciences and Forestry

Agriculture & Forestry at the University of Swat covers the study of farming and environmental sciences, such as soil analysis and estate management. It’s an increasingly modernized area of study, with climate change being at the forefront of public debate.

The University of Swat has the most comprehensive agriculture program in the region, designed to provide a base of knowledge and training for students interested in pursuing a wide variety to careers, including agribusiness, natural resource management, and the production, processing, distribution, and marketing of food and fiber products.

  • BS Agriculture Sciences And Forestry

Centre for Animal Science and Fisheries

The Department of Animal Science and Fisheries at the University of Swat explores the manipulation of the natural environment for profitable livestock and fish production. While introducing students to the legal and policy framework in which fishery operates, the course also studies general animal behavior, well-being, husbandry, and livestock management.

Graduates of the University of Swat in Animal Science and Fisheries understand animal growth and ecosystems, which enables them to manage the development and production of animals and fishes for any purpose. You will able to work in aquatic science, livestock development, conservation, and zoology fields, by applying your skills in both administrative and operational roles.

  • BS Zoology
  • MSc in Zoology

Centre for Earth and Space Sciences

The primary mission of the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Swat is to provide students with an in-depth education in the areas of geology, Earth science, and space science.  The Department of Earth and Space Sciences offers Bachelor of Science degrees in geology and earth science, and minor degrees in geology, earth science, and space science.

A graduate of the University of Swat in the interdisciplinary field of earth and space sciences can lead to careers in many areas. You could consider geology, resource management, geochemistry, environmental protection, geotechnical or civil engineering, science education, research, or geotechnical consulting.

  • BS in Geology

Centre for Education and Staff Training

You will be supported in thinking critically about education, learning, and teaching in a variety of contexts, including lectures, seminars, and practical workshops. At the University of Swat, a Bachelor of Education degree is a four years degree which leads to a Master of Education (MEd) or MPhil in Education.

Generally, you’ll learn about your subject and teaching practice in more depth while gaining experience in schools and gain knowledge on campus at the University of Swat. You’ll study subjects associated with your strand of teaching and some professional studies. You’ll also take part in extended placements while conducting action-based research.

  • Bachelor of Education (Hons)
  • MPhil in Education

Centre for Management & Commerce

An undergraduate degree at the University of Swat will provide you with an understanding across all areas of business. You can major in specific subjects of your choice such as finance, economics, marketing, and human resource management.

Studying in this field will provide you with an understanding of how businesses and organizations work from the inside out. You can expect to develop critical decision-making skills when undertaking studies at the University of Swat in this field and build a career that is transferable in a global workforce.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Centre for Plant Science and Biodiversity

This area ranges from fundamental topics such as how plants sense time, to applied studies on the future of food production and the biotechnological use of plants as vaccines. At the University of Swat, you will study plants ranging from single-celled algae to liverworts, snapdragons, and crop plants to answer a wide variety of biological questions.

The analytical and scientific skills you will gain at the University of Swat will equip you for a variety of careers. The core skills which you develop will enhance your employability. After graduating from the Universit you have a range of career options, this includes industry-based occupations. As a botanist, you could specialize in a variety of areas, such as plant anatomy and physiology, genetics, ecology, or marine botany.

  • BS in Botany
  • MPhil in Botany
  • Ph.D. in Botany

Department of Applied Physical and Material Sciences

Physics is a practical science and relies on data, so physicists need to understand how data is generated and how to analyze it. At the University of Swat, you will take laboratory classes to equip you with a wide range of skills such as using apparatus, conducting experiments, interpreting data, and presenting your results.

Physics at the University of Swat is challenging and mathematical with a strong emphasis on fundamental concepts such as optics and relativity. Tutorials give students direct and regular access to physicists actively involved in research and provide an opportunity to explore scientific ideas with experts in the field.

  • BS in Physics
  • M.Sc in Physics

Department of Computer and Software Technologies

Computer and software technology is an accumulation of information technology, software engineering, and computer science. Pursuing a computer software technology degree at the University of Swat will give you the opportunity to explore these various aspects of the software technology industry. The degree will help you to build the technical skills to create quality software technology products and the business knowledge to implement the computer software effectively.

The degree covers all stages of the software development lifecycle, including requirements gathering, software design patterns, software development, software testing, and software project management. Built on a solid foundation of mathematics and computer programming, this Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Swat will teach you how to develop and maintain software technology systems that are affordable, behave reliably and efficiently, and satisfy all customer requirements.

  • BS in Computer Science
  • BS Information Technology
  • BS Software Engineering

Department of Economics and Development Studies

The course seeks to cultivate the analytical and critical skills relevant to economic development, in particular those needed to assess alternative approaches to policy. The University of Swat provides this rigorous quantitative degree course that will help you develop the ability to access, process, and interpret a variety of data. It aims to provide the research tools and approaches needed for those who wish to proceed to doctoral research in development economics.

When you choose this course at the University of Swat, you’ll gain an understanding of the theories and history of development and aid and explore development within the international economy. You’ll learn how economics is used to analyze real-world issues and explore topics such as the principles of economics at the macro and micro level, the development process, policy initiatives, and issues and dilemmas in development.

  • BS in Economics
  • BS in Development Studies

Department of English and Foreign Languages

This course at the University of Swat engages you in the literary study while developing your language skills in a cultural context and explore innovations in literature in their historical and national context. This practical BA (Hons) Applied Languages degree course harnesses your talent for learning languages and turns it into professional skills for an exciting career in multilingual communication.

Graduates from the University of Swat have gone on to have careers in a wide variety of fields, including teaching (in Pakistan and abroad), journalism, branding, advertising, marketing, travel, communications, publishing, speech, and occupational therapy, interpreting, translating and media.

  • BS English

Department of Environmental and Conservation Sciences

Studying a degree in Environmental Science at the University of Swat leads you to develop solutions for environmental issues such as conservation of land, water, and biodiversity, or adaptation to climate change. You will also explore how interactions between science, society, and the economy influence environmental management decisions.

This degree will help you find Career opportunities within agri-business and agri-tech sectors, wildlife parks, and zoos, and sustainability management would also be available to students completing the course. Graduates from the University of Swat have a great tendency to found employment as planning consultants, conservationists, teachers and science writers, and government agencies that have statutory responsibilities to devise policy and conserve the natural environment.

  • BS Environmental Sciences
  • M.Sc Environmental Sciences

Department of Forensic Sciences

The Forensic Science course has a strong focus on employability and you’ll study the entire process from crime scene to court. At the University of Swat, you will be trained in standard practices and techniques used in crime scene investigation, as well as laboratory analysis of evidence and its interpretation. You’ll study specialist branches of forensic science, including criminalistics, forensic chemistry, forensic biology, anthropology, fire investigation, and toxicology.

The University of Swat’s forensic Science course has a very strong scientific base, which means you’ll be employable in a number of scientific sectors. As a forensic scientist, you’ll provide scientific evidence for use in courts of law to support the prosecution or defense in criminal and civil investigations.

  • BS in Forensic Science

Department of Law & Shari’a

The B.A LL.B Shariah & Law degree is a unique learning Programme of the University of Swat. The program’s aim is to produce graduates who possess sufficient command of knowledge, skills, and aptitude in both Law and Shari’ah to serve the profession, society, nation, ummah, and humanity. At the same time, the program aims to produce graduates who possess skills for lifelong learning and a sense of awareness to uphold the rule of law as well as shari’ah and social justice.

Graduates from the University of Swat get career opportunities as lawers in the court as well as working in-house lawyers in private or government companies. Other career opportunities include members of the judiciary, legal officer/federal counsel, attorney, company secretary, administrative and diplomatic officer, members of academia, etc.

  • BA LL.B (Law & Sharia’h)

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

A degree in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Swat equips you with the requisite skills for developing and implementing these methods and provides a fascinating combination of deep and mathematically well-grounded method-building and wide-ranging applied for work with data. The basis of the course is typically structured around algebra and calculus, then you can specialize in topics such as codes and cryptography, fluid mechanics, and even mathematical biology.

A degree from the University of Swat in mathematics and statistics helps you develop skills in finding patterns, drawing conclusions, dealing with abstract concepts, analyzing large quantities of data and approaching problems in an analytical and rigorous way.

Many graduates apply the numerical skills gained to work within the financial sector, but there is a wide range of options for students who can process and analyze large data sets, solve problems with mathematical precision and make informed decisions through the interpretation of figures. Mathematics and statistics graduates are increasingly desirable in new areas of data science, health, technology, education, and industry.

  • BS Mathematics
  • M.Sc Mathematics
  • M.Phil Mathematics

Department of Media & Communication Studies

Study media and communication and you will face the challenge of keeping pace with the latest trends, technologies, and debates. Media and communication degrees at the University of Swat aim to prepare students for work in media-related industries, and train them to critically analyze the ways in which the media reflects, represents and influences the world.

The Media and Communication degree from the University of Swat will gain you a wide range of specialist analytical and practical skills relevant to many jobs that involve working with the media and communication industries. The broad scope of the course is designed to enable you to work in a range of different fields of communication and media and adapt flexibly to a rapidly changing environment where critical understanding and analytical skills are of key importance.

  • BS Media & Communication
  • M.Sc Media & Communication

Department of Psychological Studies

Psychologists study the full range of influences that affect behavior, from the biological to the social. Students at the University of Swat also study how we perceive our environment; how we think, learn and remember; how we communicate and interact with others; how we differ from one another in personality and abilities; and how these change and develop throughout our lifetimes.

Completion of psychological studies from the University of Swat can act as the first step to a professional career in psychology and will open up various options to you. Psychology careers span many fields, including criminal justice, education, business, and mental health, to name a few.

  • M.Sc in Psychology
  • BS in Psychology

Department of Social and Gender Studies

Sociology studies at the University of Swat explore almost every aspect of social life by drawing on theoretical ideas that help us to understand societies and the forms they take, as well as studying real-world social problems and the ethical dilemmas faced by our contemporary world. Sociology degree teaches students the theories and methods needed to understand how individual identities, behaviors, and lives are shaped by the processes and structures that give rise to exclusion and inequity in modern society.

Graduates from the University of Swat go on to a wide range of careers, including publishing, the media, journalism, teaching, public relations, social work, and market research. Many of our students progress to higher degrees after graduation in subjects including sociology, law, and teaching.

  • MA in Sociology
  • BS in Sociology

Institute of Chemical Sciences

You will build practical skills as you progress from learning about fundamental concepts in chemistry to the latest scientific advances. At the University of Swat, you will discover how the subject can be used to solve issues of global importance.

Degree holders from the University of Swat or apprentice graduates may be employed in the chemical, pharmaceutical, materials, food and drink, utility, healthcare, aerospace, automotive, information technology, and telecommunications industries. A chemical science degree will also equip you with a wide variety of transferable skills that can be applied to non-subject specific career pathways such as local government, teaching, law, journalism, business, and finance.

  • BS Chemical Sciences

Institute of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality Management

You’ll develop organizational and business skills that relate particularly to the cultural aspects of tourism. Throughout your studies the University of Swat, you’ll develop an understanding of the issues and concepts involved in the industry, as well as marketing practice and heritage considerations. Archaeology is the gateway to our past. By studying material remains throughout history, we can explore what it means to be human.

After successfully completing your degree from the University of Swat, you might consider managerial positions with museums, archives or heritage sites. Other related roles within local, regional, and national public policy departments relating to culture and heritage issues.

  • BS Tourism
  • BS Archaeology

Public Colleges Affiliated with University of Swat

Govt Post Graduate Girls College Saidu Sharif, Swat
Government Postgraduate Jahanzeb College Saidu Sharif, Swat
Govt Girls Degree College Barikot, Swat
Govt. Girls Degree College Kanju Swat
Government Girls Degree College Khwazakhela Swat
Govt Degree College Mingora, Swat
Government Degree College Madyan, Swat
Govt. Girls Degree College Madyan, Swat
Government Dr. Khan Shaheed Degree College Kabal, Swat
Government Afzal Khan Lala Postgraduate college Matta Swat
Govt. College of Management Sciences Sangota, Swat
Govt Degree College Alpurai, Shangla
Govt Degree College Chekesar, Shangla
Govt Degree College Puran, Shangla
Govt Girls Degree College, Daggar
Govt Girls Degree College, Daggar
Govt Degree College Jowar, Buner
Govt Degree College Totalai, Buner
Government Degree College Chamla, Buner

Private Colleges Affiliated with University of Swat

Swat College of Science & Technology, Saidu Sharif, Swat
Fatima Jinnah College of Education, KhwazaKhela, Swat
Tipu Shaheed College Kabal, Swat
Kabal Education Academy, Kabal, Swat
Faizan College of Education, Besham, Shangla

HEC Recognised Universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Abasyn University
Abbottabad University of Science and Technology (AUST)
Abdul Wali Khan University
Bacha Khan University
CECOS University of Information Technology & Emerging Sciences
City University of Science and Information Technology
Gandhara University
Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology
Gomal University
Hazara University
Institute of Management Sciences
Iqra National University
Khushal Khan Khattak University
Khyber Medical University
Kohat University of Science and Technology
Northern University
Pakistan Military Academy
Preston University
Qurtuba University of Science & Information Technology
Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology
Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University
Shuhada-e-Army Public School University of Technology, Nowshera
The Islamia College, Peshawar
The University of Agriculture Peshawar
The University of Lakki Marwat
University of Buner
University of Chitral
University of Engineering & Technology
University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Mardan
University of FATA
University of Haripur
University of Malakand
University of Peshawar
University of Science & Technology
University of Swabi
University of Swat
Women University Mardan
Women University, Swabi
​​Brains Institute Peshawar

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  1. Dear Ajmal Khan,
    It is a university not a single college or school to deal with all grievances in a single day. Check the number of colleges and schools it deals with. It takes time and budget to get things done.


  2. I just want to say thank you for all the free resources you have for students like me. The University of Swat made much more for me than any other university in Pakistan. I had excellent grades at school and college but due to my humble financial background, my admission to the other universities in Pakistan was almost impossible. I did apply to a few universities but the promise of scholarship at the beginning of the 1st semester was far from reality. I’m so glad that I choose this university in Swat.

  3. The university of swat is 10 years old yet there is little progress during this time. There are some other institutions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa younger than this university yet they have progressed a lot in comparison. The university teaching staff is great yet there is a lot of room for improvements in the computer laboratories, libraries, and especially in the behavior of the top management of the university.

    The university admission office in specific is awful, perhaps they don’t even understand their role. They are supposed to provide students information but unfortunately, they are as bad as the vice-chancellor and registrar office of the university when dealing with the students’ issues. Sadly, the home page of the university of swat is mainly dedicated to the vice-chancellor’s dummy message as opposed to the student or study-related topics.

    Try to send an email to the university vice-chancellor office ([email protected]) to tell them about something that you think needs improvement in the university of swat or question them for something similar regarding admissions, university roles, or even raise a complaint. You will realize that the vice-chancellor, admission office, and the registrar of the university are either not fit for their jobs or they really need some professional training. I had a bad experience with these parasites of the university. Give it a try if you think otherwise.

  4. Overall the University of Swat is great and I’m enjoying my time here since 2017 however, the construction work puts a distracting damper on things. The university’s new campus buildings at Charbag Swat were supposed to be ready by the 20019 yet fall 2020/2021 are admission intakes are just about to start and there are no signs of moving to the new campus.

    Currently, the university academic and administrative departments (buildings) are spread across different locations at the Kanju township campus in other locations in Swat. This makes it a bit painful for students when needed to physically interact with these departments of the university. This is hopefully coming to an end in 2021 when all or most of the academic and administrative departments the university will move to its new campus at Charbag.

    The university science laborites including the computer labs need up-gradation and expansion. The vice-chancellor and the administration of the university have made many promises to improve the university services but is awaiting the completion of the new campus. In this regard, I suppose I will have a much better time in 2021 and onwards should I choose to continue my studies at level MS degree at the Univerity of Swat as well.

  5. I had a great first year at the University of Swat and made really amazing new friends. I really enjoy my course and the opportunities that this university provides to students. Being away from home for my degree studies was hard at times, but having to be independent in mostly everything helped my confidence grow.

    Like all other courses in any other university, I struggled a bit when the course started. As time passes I got used to the well organized time table and things started to go smoothly than before. The way lectures and tutorials were conducted at the University of Swat is 100% effective. It is great to have decent talks from lecturers and tutors and know about real-life problems that we might face when we start working.

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